Crown Stapler vs Finish Nailer: What to Choose?

Pneumatic tools always come in handy to craftsmen and decorators. However, different pneumatic tools are used for different purposes, and it is a tough deal to buy all of them. It is important to figure out your predominant purpose in buying a pneumatic tool. When it comes to crown molding, door casing, trimming works, and attaching molding pieces, crown staplers and finish nailers are ideal choices. 

Compared to the old fashion tools, both tools reduce stress and make the task easier, safer, and way more efficient. The dilemma arises for the interested buyers when they are asked to choose one between crown staplers and finish nailers. Although both of the tools have pretty similar purposes, they have their attributes and differences. Let’s find them out; it will help you to buy one according to your requirement. 

Crown Staplers 

To ensure a more precise finish, a crown stapler can be extremely useful. Many people make a mistake by thinking that crown staplers are only applicable for crown molding; well, it is not. A crown stapler is a very versatile tool, and it can be used for various trimming works. The tool is, in fact, useful to build knee walls with access doors and many others. Trimming windows and doors is another place where this tool can come in extremely handy. However, to ensure the best performance from a crown stapler, the buyer should look for a few things, such as the crown stapler’s size. Many people prefer small staplers because it is easy to hold and has a better grip. On the other hand, stuff like the exhaust, belt hook, and the drive’s depth is also factors to be aware of. There are oil-free crown staplers too, which you can go for, it has lower maintenance cost and higher efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Crown Staplers

Crown staplers are popular for its use, let’s find out what makes it so special: 

  • Lightweight: Compared to the old fashioned tools and also compared to a finish nailer, crown staplers are lighter. This enhances its portability hugely. It is, in fact, a great tool for new users of pneumatic tools.
  • Versatile: It is very versatile, as mentioned before, that it can be used for countless works. On the other hand, you also get the choice of choosing the size of the crown stapler. Now you also get to choose between normal and oil-free crown staplers.
  • Outcome: Crown staplers, without a doubt, have a more precise outcome of work with better efficiency, speed, and safety of workers. Compared to the usual tools, it is the better choice. 

There is a minor list of disadvantages of crown staplers, let’s find it out: 

  • Makes Sound: Sometimes, crown nailers can be very noisy because of the power it generates while being used. Therefore, it can be troublesome to use, especially during night time. 
  • Air Compressor: Unlike finish nailers, a crown stapler requires an air compressor. This adds huge amounts of money while buying because some crown staplers do not come with the complimentary air compressor. On the other hand, there also is the risk of getting the air compressor ruined. 

Finish Nailer

A finish nailer can be an excellent choice for doing works like trimming, door casing, crown modeling, etc. This tool will not be as useful as a crown stapler when it comes to crown modeling, but if it is a matter of heavy-duty work, a finish nailer is way ahead. The nails inside this nailer are around 1-2.5 inches, which makes the outcome precise and strong. 

Pros and Cons of a Finish Nailer 

A finish Nailer is a very popular pneumatic tool. Let’s find out its pros:

  • Great for Heavy-Duty: Unlike crown staplers, this type of tool is ideal for heavy-duty and is more durable. On the other hand, it can hold around 80 nails at a time, giving better efficiency and work experience. 
  • No Air Compressor Needed: Unlike the crown stapler in this tool, no air compressor is needed, which saves a huge deal of money and also the risk of future investment for fixing. 
  • Can be Powered by Both: This tool can be powered by both electricity and air pressure. So, if it runs out of air pressure, all you have to do is connect it to your nearest socket—a boost to the efficiency of working. 
  • Versatile: This tool is extremely versatile, even more versatile than crown staplers, as it is preferred for both heavy-duty and light-duty works. 

There is a disadvantage of this tool if you compare it to Crown Staplers, here they are: 

  • It is heavier: Compared to a crown stapler, a finish nailer is way heavier. It is, in fact, heavier than most of the other nailers, such as brad nailers and many others. So, it is not a very good tool if you are looking for portability. 

What to Choose? (Crown Stapler vs Finish Nailer)

It is proved that when it comes to heavy-duty, versatility, efficiency, and price, finish nailer wins easily. However, if you are looking for portability and works like crown modeling, a crown stapler would be a safer choice.

A finish nailer is obviously the overall ideal option as it is applicable for more variety of works and is more durable. Still, if you are someone whose job is mostly related to crown molding and trimming, a crown stapler would be the ideal choice. 

Jerry Jhonson

Jerry Johnson is a tech & tool geek who loves to talk, discuss and review different tools used for our day to day life. All the tools reviews and guides described in this site are completely from his personal experience and own observations.