Grex Pin Nailer Review: Best Pinners of 2019

A pin nailer is a very much similar to the brad nailer. It is mainly a power tool that is widely used in discreet and smooth nailing purposes. The basic operation of this gun is similar to other ones being available in the market. Like all other pneumatic nail guns, pin nailers also need an air compressor to operate.

But comparing the brad type nailers and other ones, pin nailers are more accurate and compatible with delicate tasks. That’s why you won’t need to worry about breaking or damaging your favorite furniture. If you are convinced to go for a pin nailer then there comes an obvious question and that is which one to pick among many more brands being available in the market.

I can help you with this and I will suggest you go for Grex for obvious reasons. What are they? Scroll down and learn by yourself from our grex pin nailer review. One more thing, you can also get brad nailers from them and both choices will be effective for your purposes.

3 Top Grex Pin Nailer Review

Grex P650L Review: 3-Gauge 2-Inch Headless Pinner

If you are looking for the best set of features along with excellent ergonomics, then Grex P650L 23-Gauge 2-Inch Headless Pinner is going to be your desired one to pick. Its robust built design makes it more trustworthy options to the users.


      • Length: 7.75 inches
      • Height: 8.75 inches
      • Width: 1.5 inches
      • Product weight: 2.68 pounds
      • Power source: Pneumatic (Air compressor)
    • Operating pressure level: 60 PSI to 110 PSI
    • Magazine capacity: 100 (1 strip)
    • Nail types: Headless
    • Fastener size: 3/8 to 2 inches
    • Fastener gauge: 23
    • Air inlet: ¼ inches NPT inlet


  • Lightweight body made with Aluminum ensures long day operation without body stress.
  • 23 gauged pin ensures better precision of framing.
  • Ability of penetration through 2 inches length of hardwoods.
  • Auto lockout mechanism for preventing dry fire and ensuring better safety.
  • Narrower muzzles design enables to access in tighter areas and tougher angles. At the same time, it ensures detailed trimming works.
  • Dual trigger security locks to prevent any accidental firing.

  • No mar rubber tip for added comfort.

  • Belt hook keeps the tool attached and movable at any side.

  • Fastener indicator to display the shortage or overload state.


Grex P650L comes up with powerful motor for faster driving of fasteners along with 13 different fastener lengths. You won’t lose any of your time while loading or operation due to its drop in fastener features. There is rear exhaust along with silencer to make your operation noise free as well. You won’t disturb your neighbor at all.


  • Wood assembly.
  • Trimming work.
  • Finishing work.
  • Molding and decoration.
  • Frame and mirror assembly.
  • Paneling.
  • Crafting works.

Grex P635 Review: 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless Pinner

Another ideal model for detailed woodworking and finishing tasks from Grex is Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless Pinner. It is an upgraded version of Grex P630 and comes up with more fascinating features.



    • Length: 7.75 inches
    • Width: 2 inches
    • Height: 7.5 inches
    • Weight: 2.21 pounds
    • Operating pressure level: 60 to 100 PSI
    • Fastener gauge: 23
    • Nail type: Headless pins
    • Magazine capacity: 1 strip (100 pins approximately)
    • Nail minimum range: 3/8 inches
    • Nail maximum range: 1-3/8 inches
    • Power source: Air compressor
  • Air inlet size: ¼ inches NPT male plug


    • Driving ability of different length fastener ranging from 3/8 inches to 1-3/8 inches for verities of works.
    • Powerful motor for ensuring more penetration of fasteners through wood.
    • Lightweight Aluminum made body for ensuring mobility and longtime operation.
    • Removable no mar tip for added comfort while working and handling.
    • Reduction of noise due to the silencer being attached with the rear exhaust.
  • Belt-hook attachment for better operation.


Grex P635 is reputed for its industrial strength and universalities of uses in different woodworking. Its innovative patented magazine design arranges self-adjustment features for different lengths of fasteners. So you won’t need to make an adjustment before each shooting and loses your time as well.


    • Molding
    • Light wood assembling
    • Joint pinning
    • Frame assembling
    • Craftwork
    • Window beading
    • Finishing
    • Precision work
    • Trimming

Grex P650 Review: 23 Gauge 2″ Headless Pin Nailer

Another amazing staff comes up from Grex is Grex P650, 2″ Headless Pin Nailer. It leaves tiniest holes and makes the carpenter sure about the perfect woodworking. Being the first product of grex 23 gauge model pinners, it is quite capable of meeting all requirements of a professional carpenter.



    • Length: 7.75 inches
    • Height: 8.75 inches
    • Width: 1.5 inches
    • Weight: 2.68 pounds
    • Fastener type: Headless pins
    • Fastener gauge: 23
    • Magazine capacity: 1 strip (approximately 100 pins)
    • Power source: Air compressor
    • Operating pressure: 60 to 110 PSI
    • Fastener range: 3/8 to 2 inches
    • Air inlet size: ¼ inches NPT male plug


    • Aluminum made lightweight design and robust body.
    • Self adjustable magazine to operate 14 different length of fasteners.
    • Precision machine, piston and firing valve, aluminum cylinder.
    • Dual triggered safety lock mechanism.
    • High tolerance Posit-lock nose cover.
    • Narrower nose design to perfect fit at tighter angles.
    • Fastener indicator display.
    • No mar tip on gripping.


Grex P650 is capable of operating at all possible angles and tougher areas with its full efficiency. It is a great choice for overhead operation and you can carry it all day long without any stress due to its light nature.


    • Light wood assembly.
    • Pinning.
    • Framing.
    • Lightweight paneling.
    • Frame assembling.
    • Window beading.
    • Display work.

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Grex Brad Nailer Review

Grex Green Buddy Review: 1850GB 2” 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

Putting a Grex brad nailer in your toolbox along with the pinner is game changing decision, especially when it is Grex green buddy (Grex 1850GB). This 18 gauged nail machine will make you capable with both lightweight and relative heavyweight duties.



    • Model: 1850GB
    • Length: 9.5 inches
    • Height: 9.25 inches
    • Width: 2 inches
    • Weight: 2.9 pounds
    • Fastener type: Brad nails
    • Fastener gauge: 18
    • Operating pressure: 70 to 120 PSI
    • Fastener capacity: approximately 100 brads (1 strip)
    • Fastener size range: ½ to 2 inches
    • Air inlet type: ¼ inches NPT male plug
    • Power source: Pneumatic
    • Batteries requirement: No


  • Powerful enough to drive 2 inches through hardwood.
  • Slim nose design for perfect placement of brad nails.
  • Swivel air fitting and allen we en ch .
  • Extra no mar tip.
  • Extruded aluminum made magazine.
  • Adjustable depth of drive features.
  • Dual mode firing- bump and sequential.
  • Trigger lock feature for safety purpose.


If you are looking for a nailer that can operate both for your heavy duties and light trimming as well, then Grex 1850GB is the must choice in your tool list. It can ensure the smoothest nailing experience for you.


    • Trimming.
    • Molding.
    • Cabinet assembling.
    • Furniture finishing.
    • Jig fixing.

Grex GC1850 Review: Cordless 18 Ga. Brad Nailer

Despite being a cordless machine and run by 2 AAA batteries, Grex GC1850 Cordless 18 Ga. Brad Nailer is small as the traditional air driven nailer. Surely it is one of the most convenient tools that deserves in all way to be in your collection.



    • Model number: GC1850
    • Length: 10.5 inches
    • Height: 10.3 inches
    • Width: 2.7 inches
    • Weight: 4.5 pounds (Including batteries)
    • Batteries required: 2
    • Battery type: 2x AAA alkaline batteries
    • Battery voltage: 15V
    • Battery capacity: 50000 shots per set
    • Fastener type: Brad nails
    • Fastener gauge level: 18V
    • Fastener range: ½ to 2 inches
    • Magazine capacity: 1 strip equivalents to 100 brad nails
    • Fuel capacity: 1300 shots per cartridge (approximately)
    • Maximum cycle: 60 shots per minute


    • Lightweight body despite being cordless.
    • Self-lubricating cylinder and piston ring.
    • No need of a compressor.
    • All metal body for improved durability and perfect heat dissipation.
    • Safety nose with no mar tip.
    • Adjustable power settings.
    • Reversible belt hook system.
    • Anti-fire lockout mechanism.


Grex GC1850 is well known for continuous shooting of 60 shots in a single mean. You don’t need to worry about dying out the batteries or cells before your task being completed as you can fire around 50000 per set of batteries and approximately 1300 per cell. So, you can easily finish up your task using this brad nailer. Moreover, unlike the other cordless nail gun machines, Grex GC1850 has relatively lightweight, which has made this a good choice for both the beginners and the professionals.


  • Trimming.
  • Molding.
  • Wood assembling.
  • Paneling.
  • Jig fixtures.
  • Door and window casing.
  • Frame assembly.

Final Verdict

Since the day of commencement, Grex has come up a long way regarding the manufacture of brad nailer and pinner.

They have presented some of the best features within 18- gauge brad nailers and 23- gauge headless pinners like other brands Like Porter-Cable, RidgidRyobi and Senco.

The wide-ranged versatilities of their products’ features will certainly draw the attention of the customers as they are capable of meeting all types of requirements of a newbie or a professional carpenter.

So, keeping one from these two types should be must keep the item in your favorite toolkits.

I have personally kept Grex P650L and Grex 1850GB. Believe me, I enjoy the best services from them and they are my most favorite duo. So, which ones will be yours to keep?

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