You Need These 10 Essential Tools To Renovate Your Home (Believe Me)

There comes a time in every house when all the things around need to be touched up, redecorated and repaired. It is not always possible to change the furniture in order to make the house look new once again. So, sometimes it is needed to take the responsibility and pamper the house on one’s own; and to do that, some tools are must to be placed in the toolbox. If you’re planning to start renovating your home soon then, here is the must-have list of 10 tools which can provide a helping hand and make work more easy and fun!

10. Crowbar

A crowbar, also called a pry bar, wrecking bar or a pinch bar (Burglars call it Jemmy or Jimmy), is mainly used for removing nails. Sometimes, it is possible to drill nails in wrong positions using nailers and thus, it becomes necessary to remove them. This can be a hard task and ruin the job piece if not done carefully. Crowbar makes it so easy and does it using its small fissure on both ends.

9. Oscillating Multi-Tool

An oscillating multi-tool (OMT) is different from a jigsaw or a reciprocating saw. This tool works in a different motion. Instead of sawing back and forth, its blade oscillates side to side, approximately 20,000 times a minute that seems like vibration. This motion makes the blade to cut curves and straight lines precisely even on tight and congested surfaces.

8. Nail Gun

Nailer or, a nail gun is a tool that assists one in nail punching jobs and makes your household chores so easy. From the very beginning of time, people started using hammers to meet their day to day needs. Using hammers follows the easy process but if you can get the work done in a simpler way, why not give it a try?! Nail Gun Nail gun is a tool that shoots the nails into required places. Based on its structure and types of work, there are many classifications of it. Based on its working procedures, it can be classified into power-actuated, combustion powered, electric, and solenoid powered nail guns. Again, according to its duty and application, it can be classified into framing, finishing, stapler, tackers, roofing, flooring and palm nail guns. Nail gun basically follows the punching mechanism. Placing it on the right point, it needs to be punched or, fired and thus the nail gets attached into that point. Some of them can continue firing for a long time whereas some of them need to be refilled before every punch.

7. Cordless Drill

This is a tool that is handy and can be carried out anywhere. It drives using rechargeable batteries. Like drills, cordless drills also spin bits. The blade comes in various shapes and can be used according to the needs of the user. It can even drive screws without damaging. There are, sometimes, found numbers on the drill body, that indicates the torque level of it. So, one can easily be ensured of the required speed and materials that should be used and work accordingly. This feature also works as a precaution.

6. Reciprocating Saw

This is basically a machine-powered saw that applies the cutting action on a job through push and pull mechanism. This is used for remodeling and demolishing in construction work. It is so similar to a jigsaw but the main benefit of using a reciprocating saw is that, from wood to metal, any job piece can be cut with it.

5. Planers

Wood planers are another tool that any diy woodworker should have in his inventory. As there are many types of planers are available in the market like hand planers, benchtop planers, router planers, jack planers and so on. planer One needs to understand what are his demands and what is the use of each type of planers to select which is best suited for a homeowner.

4. Lineman’s Pliers

This is another version of smaller pliers. Smaller pliers are not effective enough in some cases. That’s where lineman’s plier plays its role. This is used to bend or straighten metal sheet, cut wires and cables and can even be used for pulling nails out of the surface. This tool is having a square nose and flat sides that can be used for right angle bends as per requirements.

3. Voltage Tester

Whenever someone works with an electrical device, it is necessary to know about its voltage. Otherwise, it can cause accidents. But it is not possible to determine if it is dangerous to work with the device or not only from its look. Thus comes voltage tester. This tool expresses the presence of voltage in a circuit or device. This is having a neon bulb inside that requires a little charge to be lightened up. So, when the tester gets in contact with a device or circuit that passes electricity (carries voltage), the bulb gets lightened up showing the presence of voltage (electricity).

2. Folding Knife

A folding knife is a pocket knife that has a number of blades, sizes varying from 5 to 15 cms. It can be carried into pockets and is suitable to use wherever it is needed. The blades are simple pivoted, can be folded in and out and does not need slip joints, blade locking mechanism, and backspacing.

1. Blower

As the name implies, a blower works by making a flow of air and thus, blowing off unwanted stuff. This is used in forms of vacuum cleaners, air coolers, cleaning blowers, etc. This tool is mainly used to create suction or pressure by blowing air. A blower is necessary in cases where a physical tool cannot enter.

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