How Long Does a Router Bit Last?

Give your router a bit tender love and care by occasionally visiting the professional center for fixing if you know how the tool’s inner operations try the simple fixes to give your tool of trade a longer life.

Router bits, including those tipped with carbide, will dull at a rate you do not expect. The router used on solid wood and plywood dull even faster, especially in resin-filled materials, and also use for cutting letters. The blunt face of a router bit is an early call for its routine maintenance that will take your bit sharpener or open your toolbox to give it a new lease of life.

The lifespan of your router bit depends upon so many things apart from the materials you work on. There is an aspect of the materials used in tipping the cutting edge. You may have heard of people talking about the same material lasting different years, but they rarely talk about their work rate or the type of material they were working on. Generally, your bit will only get duller due to continued interaction with debris and the material you are using. For more on the best router bit for cutting letters, you can check it out.

So many things come into play when you think about the duration of your router bit. It is also good if you can identify some things that may leave an answer.

Status of the bit

How many times have you used it for drilling since it started producing not so even patterns or designs? A bit of giving such kind of work is damaged or is getting dull. Owning such a bit does not mean throwing it away but sharpening it for the best quality of work and a new lease of life.

Look for signs of scorching

When the drill’s spindle is set too high for the bit to handle, you will notice smoke and a burning smell when you are on assignment. Before using a new router bit, confirm if it is compatible with the drill settings. The confirmation helps in extending both the drill and router bit lifeline.

The quality of the cut

The quality of the cut should always remain clean and smooth. The moment you see splinters, rough cuts, or uneven holes, it may be time to replace or sharpen the bit. Keep checking on the quality of the drill bit occasionally to avoid ruining the router bit or materials.

Listen to the sound of the bit.

How does your router bit sound when working with materials? The sound should be continuous and only drops when you slow the drill, reduces speed, or comes to a stop. When a strange noise develops, ensure that you check the condition of the drill bit.

Is the bit skidding?

Confirm if your router bit makes proper contact with the material when making a hole or groove. A skidding bit indicates a worn-out cutting edge that gives the wrong impression of an old bit. Remedy the situation by sharpening your bit.

How to maintain the router bit

  • You can prolong your bit’s life by honing the flat side of the router bit and using a file occasionally. Use the file to horn so that the bit should be done lightly to not interfere with the bit’s hook. A convenient way of making the router bit last longer is by taking it to a professional sharpener.
  • If you are using a bit with a pilot bearing, remove it to avoid damages while filing.
  • Remove the tar and pitch, which, if left unattended, causes a buildup when frequently work with wood. Scrub the bit using a cleaning fluid smeared with lacquer. Use an old brush for cleaning.
  • Pick a fine file and start honing by alternating the cutting edges of the bit.
  • Replace the pilot bearing after cleaning it with light oil
  • Finally, wipe the router bit with oil and keep it safe for the next task.

Final word

Keeping your bit in good shape requires that you keep examining it occasionally to maintain its cut integrity. A bit that is in order will not disappoint every time you have work to do. Remember that buying a new bit is costly as opposed to maintaining the one you already have.

Jerry Jhonson

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