Cap Nailer vs Cap Stapler: Which One is Best for Woodworking?

We all know the necessities about cap nailers and cap staplers. These two little tools are used for jointing wood and screws and used to connect pieces of wood or to such materials that can be interchangeable.

The differences between cap nailers and cap staplers, their specialties, their advantages, and disadvantages will be discussed in this article. So, you will know which to use in which situation. 

The Basics of Cap Nailer and Cap Stapler

There are a few basic similarities between cap nailer and cap stapler, as well as some basic differences. The first difference is, of course, in the way the two tools look. Secondly, sometimes cap nailers are pinned by half on walls for hanging little things like photo frames, but that is not possible with cap staples. Using cap nails is the best way to fasten synthetic underlayment down. 

Tools like this can increase the application of building wrap by 70%. There are also basic differences in their usage, size, price range, etc. More description of these two tools are given below –

Cap Nailer

The specialty of cap nailers is that it is perfect for roofing. By only striding the tool along the line for cap nailing, it would be easy to finish cap nailers’ job. Although, it can also be used in the sidewalls and insulation board.

Cap Nailer is best to use for an inflatable tool for security purposes and roofing and underlying. Nails are vital tools for building and decorating houses. They are bought or found as cap nail coils and cap nail guns.

While buying cap nails, some information should be known like- 

  • Manual vs. Auto-Firing Tool
  • Tool Weight & Balance
  • Tool Maneuverability
  • it comes in a plastic case

And here are the Disadvantages of cap nailers-

  • Nail coils take a lot of space
  • Cap Nail guns take more time to reload
  • they need to be handled and used very sensibly
  • professional help might be needed
  • if a coil of nails is dropped or stepped on while using, it distorts the coil and makes it much more susceptible to blocking in the gun
  • Coil nail guns are fed with a coil of nails, and the holder for the nails makes the gun much bulkier.

Cap Stapler

Cap staples do almost the same work as cap nailers, but this is just the updated version. It is easier to use than cap nailers. That is why many advanced workers and manufacturing industries already adapt to this.

It can be used for building wrap and roof underlayment. The workers can hold a bunch of sticks of staples in their pockets and reload their guns very quickly. 

Here are the pros of Cap staplers-

  • Staple guns are smaller but well balanced.  
  • Staples are less susceptible to jamming up in a gun 
  • Staples are less expensive 
  • Staples are very compressed
  • Very light weighted 
  • Easy to use

There are some cons and disadvantages of using cap staplers as well. Like- 

  • People hardly use it now. It is almost out of the market after 2003
  • Sometimes the outline of the staples is seen through the gravel above
  • It is hard to install them properly
  • If not installed properly, the roofs or whichever material it is used on might be at risk
  • Chance of coming loose or even blowing off the roof 
  • The tendency to be driven at an improper angle

If the nail staples are installed properly, they work out fine. But when they are not, everything will be at risk. And it is very hard to get the installation of nail staples properly done. This is the installation problem that can commonly occur with staples. In this situation, it is wise to change it because not changing it might end up dealing with constant roof repairs, which is a lot of trouble and costly. 

Which one is best for Woodworking?

Between Cap nailers and cap staples, I think cap nailers are best for woodworking. However, cap staples are indeed very tough to install, and one small mistake can destroy the whole work and material like wood. This issue doesn’t happen with cap nails because they have a round head on top of them. So, they are easier to install. Even if not installed properly, the nails can be fixed properly later if noticed, and it would not cost much hassle. 


To make a comparison between these two, it is hard to tell which is better. The applicable statement to make in this situation is knowing which one to use when because cap nailers and cap staplers both have some differences and are specialized for different purposes and uses.

Jerry Jhonson

Jerry Johnson is a tech & tool geek who loves to talk, discuss and review different tools used for our day to day life. All the tools reviews and guides described in this site are completely from his personal experience and own observations.