How to Cut Hardie Siding: Stepwise Instructions for the Best Result

One of the most important and vulnerable parts of a house is the roof. Builders always have to keep in their minds that they have to choose sidings that are durable and prevent the house from rain, harsh weather, and fire. 

Hardie sidings are well known for their durable and strong sidings. James Hardie is known for creating hardie boards and sidings. They are also known as cement boards. Hardie sidings have been popular among builders because of their durability. Before installing sidings on the roof, you have to cut it in a proper size so that it can fit in.

Let’s brush your eyes on the tools and steps that you have to follow to cut a Hardie siding. 

Best Way To Cut Hardie Siding

Assemble your materials

To install Hardie sidings, always make sure that you have proper tools and protection. Take a proper place where you can put your sidings and cut them according to your desired sizes. Let’s have a look at the tools you need to cut Hardie Siding. 

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Tools you need

  1. Layout Square: To measure the size of your siding correctly. 
  2. Any power tool: Usually, a circular saw is useful for cutting the sidings. You can choose a wet saw, jigsaw, or a compound miter saw to cut your siding properly. 
  3. Hardie saw blade: This blade is the best blade to cut hardie siding and as it is built specially for cutting Hardie boards.  
  4. The Gloves: To protect your hand, you must wear gloves. 
  5. Eye goggles: If you are not using a saw which has a dust collector, you must wear eye goggles to protect your eyes from the dust. 
  6. A Marker: You must need a marker to mark the layout.
  7. Snapping or Scoring tool:  It will help you to cut a groove in a sheet of material.
  8. Measurement tape: Finally, a tape to measure the size.

You have all the tools in your hand, and now it is time to cut the sidings. Go through the following steps provided to cut Hardie siding properly.

Step by Step Instructions for Best Way to Cut Hardie Siding

Step-01 Power tool and Blade

First of all, install the Hardie Blade saw in the power tool that you are using. This blade is mainly built to cut Hardie sidings and boards. You can use a normal diamond saw blade to cut the siding. However, it will produce too much dust. Read the manufacturer’s manual before installing the blade. 

If you are using a circular saw, you should use a blade that has four or six teeth. 

Step-02 Measure and mark the siding

Measure the area with measuring tape where you will go to install the siding. After that, take a layout square to measure how much siding you need to cut. Use a marker to mark the area. 

Always double-check your measurement before using the saw on the siding. 

Step-03 Use the Snapping or Scoring tool 

To make a perfect cut, you can use snapping or scoring tools before using the saw. Snapping or scoring tools will give you temporary marks on your sidings. By the marks, you can use your saw without any hesitation. 

For using snapping or scoring tools, you have to take your siding on a flat surface. Draw the lines with a marker and then strike four to five times on the marked area with your scoring or snapping tool. 

Please wear gloves and goggles to protect your eyes and fingers. 

Step-04 Use the Power tool

Place your siding under the saw and make a proper angle, which will help you cut the sidings properly. 

You should use a circular saw if you want to cut straight lines. This kind of saw is handy because you can easily move it. Always use a blade with four or six teeth. Some workers love to use wet saws, which decrease the dust and save time. And if you are a beginner, use a jigsaw. As it is manual, it can be handled easily. 

Make sure that you have adequate protection while cutting the sidings. Do not forget to wear a mask. Try to use those types of masks which can protect you from the dust. Gloves should be used while using the blade to prevent any accidents. 


  1. Always use a flat surface while cutting the sidings. 
  2. After finishing your work, store your tools and blades safely. 
  3. Read the manufacturer’s manual before using the saw.

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Cutting a Hardie siding is not difficult if you properly follow the steps which have been discussed here. Always use the correct and proper tools and blade to cut the Hardie Siding. And do not forget to take protection before starting your work.

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