Porter Cable BN200C Review (2-Inch 18GA Brad Nailer Kit)

In the world of nail guns, Porter-Cable which is a very popular American company has reputable recognition. According to many, they manufacture the best nail guns too. However, BN200C is one of their most popular brad nailers so far and this wonder comes with unimaginable features like long life maintenance and more. There are a few things which you must look for when you get a brad nailer and while doing the Porter Cable BN200C Review, I find this product apparently covers most of the things which you should look for. Starting from durability to portability, after all, it is considered as one of the top brad nailers created by one of the leading companies in the industry.

The Reasons For Going For This Product

Porter-Cable BN200C 2-Inch 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Kit is one of those products which fulfill most of the features with quality. It is also one of their oldest products and still is the most bought products of the company. This product has a marvelous design and you can find the perfect grip while using this product which makes it extremely easy to use and you are not going to endure any kind of technical difficulties while using this product because of its shape and size. On the other hand, the weight of the product assists the users to find flexibility while using the product, as the weight of the product is only 1.24 pounds. However, even after being such a light brad nailer, this product is not fragile at all. It is a surprisingly strong product and it is extremely durable. Other than user-friendliness, it has long life maintenance, which means you will not need to go for maintenance of the product after every time you use it. Going for the maintenance every month will be okay if you use it regularly. PORTER-CABLE-BN200C-Case



As this product is old there are many features which you are not going to see in the specification of this product, however, it still fulfills the basic requirements of a brad nailer. However, it was the best of that era when BN200C was just released. This product was released in the fall of 2011, it has been around 7 years since the product was released, however, this is the evergreen product of porter-cable. So, here is the list of the specifications you would want to know:

  • The product comes with the item weight of 1.24 pounds and that makes it extremely portable
  • The power source of this product is like most of the other pneumatic nail guns, it is cordless electric.
  • The strongly built nails are of 2-inch long
  • Works with minimum air compressors
  • Can replace the parts of the product with the general tool if it faces any problem
  • A special feature that keeps dirt and unwanted substances away from the product.
  • No Battery is required for the product
  • The product has a dimension of 10.2 x 2.6 x 9.6
  • It comes with the long life maintenance feature
  • It has a rubber grip which makes the grip more strong
  • The magnesium body enhances its durability
  • The trigger is a sequential style

Features of this product

Porter-cable is an American company and its products are manufactured in China. This product is not an exception to that. Lets look some of the features of this Porter Cable BN200C.

Rear Exhaust

Most of the nail guns don’t provide you this feature whereas it is extremely crucial to have this feature. It prevents the product to not get affected by the unwanted substances which move around. When a nail gun goes across with any unwanted substance, the product starts to puncture its, however, it confirms that this product will be durable compared to many other products.

Easy Nail Removal

Do you face issues while removing the nails from your nail gun? If yes, then here is your solution. This product’s tool-free mechanism is just astonishing. You will not need to face any difficulties while removing the nail on this product as it is tool-free.

Long Life Low Maintenance

Most of the products require maintenance frequently, but if you go for this product or any other product of Porter-Cable that burden will not be yours, as they come with this astonishing feature of long life maintenance. You can go for maintenance once a month or twice a month.


This product only weighs 1.24 pounds which is extremely low for a nail gun, however, it boosts the portability of the product by a huge amount. On the other hand, the weight also enhances the flexibility of using the product as you can drag the product anywhere and lif tit without facing any kind of hindrance.

Sequential Trigger Style

Most of the people look for sequential style trigger on air nail guns and this product has it. This allows the user to fire any time the user wants and will not accidentally shoot a single nail.


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