Best Staple Gun for Picture Framing: 9 Top Choices Review

Staple guns have many applications in different DIY projects. But among all of them, picture framing is the most common one. People widely use this gun for framing related tasks. It’s possible to follow other framing methods while completing picture framing, but not any of them is as efficient as a staple gun can perform. 

Now you need to find the right staple gun that can serve you over the years without causing any trouble. With the right staple machine, picture framing is just a snap. There are so many different options in the market.

However, you need to analyze them correctly according to your working capacity and variety. Then you can have the perfect one for your job. Here’s a complete staple gun buying guide with all necessary tactics, suggestions, recommendations, and FAQs to resolve the issue. 

Let’s analyze the 9 best staple guns for picture framing being available in the market for your project at first:

9 Best staple guns for picture framing

1. Logan F500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite 

The new Logan F500-2 Dual Drive Elite contains most improved designs and easy to use features. It’s capable of firing both rigid and flexible points. This feature makes it the perfect picture framing point driving tool for all sorts of wood molding of your picture frame. 

Its durable, heavy-duty, yet lightweight plastic made body ensures long life. Triggers with easy pull action can make the framing work totally hassle-free. The handle comes with easily made improved rubberized grip to ensure maximum comfort while handling. Its ergonomic design reduces 50% of gripping fatigue as it requires fewer driving force.

Load and reload with a single press, thanks to its cover releasing button and easily movable point loading cover. On the back of the tool, there’s an adjustment screw to regulate the point depth. You can adjust the depth from 1/8 inch to a quarter inch based on the surface rigidity with this gun. The machine certainly can hold the picture frames secured in their places on various surfaces like pine, oak, plywood, or maple. 

Driving with Logan F500 is super easy. You can easily drive setting the machine to the rabbets of the frame and then simply pulling the lever. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Things we like

  • Versatility due to dual point feature.
  • Easy point depth adjustment.
  • Lightweight design and maneuverability. 
  • Comes with 50 rigid points and 50 other flexible ones.

Things Need to be Improved

  • Not so compatible on a hard resin surface.
  • Not much suitable to points rather than F53, F54, F55, and F56

Why Should You Buy this?

F500-2 is a well-balanced photo frame stapler. You can use it for a wide range of applications due to its dual point nature. This tool can produce amazing downward pressure, thus producing great picture framing.

2. Topec 3 in 1 Manual Nail Gun 

If you’re looking for a staple gun with rugged construction and guarantees a longer lifetime, but you’re in a bit of budget cut, then this item is for you! Being built with thick carbon steel, Topec is meant to deliver for long. The machine adopts a spring back impact mechanism to ensure more durability over the years. 

The gun has a non-slip rubberized handle to increase the grip force and ensure steady driving. There is a handle locking feature being attached at the bottom of the machine’s handle. Just below that lock, there’s a staple remover. You can remove it just with a single press on the staple load mouth. The elasticity of the spring rod makes the movement smooth. 

You can easily adjust driving power by just using the pressure setting knob. Different surfaces with varied toughness require different levels of driving power. The gun supports D-type, T-type, and U-type, all three different sorts of staples with a varied size of nails ranging from 4 to 44 mm. This feature makes the staple gun an ideal choice for not only your picture framing task but also a lot of different works, including upholstery, fixing materials, decoration, carpentry, furniture, repairing, fastening, and much more.        

Things we like

  • Sturdy and durable design made to last.
  • Fast jam clearing techniques.
  • 3-way staple usage making it ideal for whole different projects.
  • Comes with 1800 staples. 

Things Need to be Improved

  • Gun jams too often. 
  • More suitable to the soft surface.

Why Should You Buy this?

Framing is quite easy and convenient with Topec 3 in 1 Nail Gun. It’s a regular staple gun offering all features with a very solid, durable body lasting for long. Lastly, but not least, this machine won’t cost you much like others. All these collectively make the machine our budget choice staple gun.

3. Surebonder 9600AK Stapler Kit

If you’re looking for a pneumatic gun instead of a manual staple machine, then Surebonder 9600AK should be the best one to serve your purpose. This heavy-duty pneumatic machine is lightweight and easy to carry around with you. To add more to your convenience, this tool comes with a cool impact carrying case. 

The staple gun comes with 5 staple packages where each package contains 1250 staples, making a total collection of 6250 staples per every purchase. The gun is compatible to drive nails of different sizes like 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/8″, 5/16″ and 9/16″. In case of your staples running out, there is a staple viewer to give a prior indication. The machine also has a quick-release mechanism in its magazine to refill it quickly. 

Let’s come to the comfort and convenience issues of the gun. It has an adjustable air exhaust to make the item user friendly. The handle is well rubber cushioned to get rid of fatigue and add extra comfort. In case of the safety issue, there is an accidentally misfiring guard to protect the user and the tool from any unpleasant experience.

No air compressor is attached to the tool. You need to add one. There is a standard air hose coupler, though, to complete the task with ease. 

Things we like

  • Excellent carrying case, free Allen wrench, and tool oil.
  • Compatibility with wide ranges of staple sizes.
  • Extra safety measures.
  • Lightweight but compact body.

Things Need to be Improved

  • No air compressor is attached.
  • Relatively smaller staple sight window.

Why Should You Buy this?

It’s the best pneumatic staple gun for picture framing within your limited budget. Durability, comfort, innovation, convenience, etc. makes the tool compatible for all sorts of DIY projects. 

4. Arrow Fastener T50ACD Staple Gun 

Instead of a pneumatic staple gun, if you’re searching for an electric one for your indoor project, then here is the best one for you. Coming with a spiral-drive technology, this machine is capable of driving maximum power with every shot. Its reliable and consistent driving force makes it better than any conventional nail gun. The machine requires only 110V to give quality performance over the years.

It has a sleek, compact structure, yet with sturdy, well-built and long-lasting design. You won’t have to face any fatigue issue while handling the tool for a longer time as the machine weighs only 2 pounds when it’s fully loaded.

Staples with varied sizes of 6mm, 10mm, or 12mm are good to go with this staple gun. Moreover, Arrow also recommends their T50 staples to use with this gun, and yes, they’re great! You can check on the nails through the staple view window. 

The ergonomic contour around the gun handle helps you with a comfortable grip. The quick-release mechanism of the loaded magazine makes the gun use even more convenient.

What we like

  • Consistent and powerful driving ensures optimum performance.
  • Easy staple refilling option.
  • Lightweight to carry the machine for a day-long project.

Points Need to be Improved

  • No depth adjustment setting mechanism.
  • Doesn’t come with many staples.
  • No carrying case provided.

Reasons You Should Buy this

Arrow T50ACD staple gun is the best electric staple gun for picture framing with a very lightweight design and consistent driving performance. Powerful and durable enough to serve you longer. You won’t regret it for sure.

5. WETOLS Staple Gun

One of the most durable constructions within a very cheap budget is possible due to the amazing WETOLS Staple Gun. This heavy-duty gun offers multifunctional features. You will be amazed to see its 3 in 1 function as the machine is capable of fastening D-staple, U-staple, and T-staple, all of them. 

The device’s main body is made of thick carbon steel, ensuring the most solid body design and longer service life. It efficiently adopts a back spring impact mechanism. Both the installation and driving process are quite easy. The machine is suitable for women, teenagers, or the elderly, absolutely everybody. 

You will get additional 2400 pieces of staples with the package containing 800 of each 3 types of nails. Pressure setting knob will let you adjust the driving force effectively, whereas you can check the nails through its quick view window. If you get, the magazine gets jammed, just pull down the metal drive channel and clear the jam off. It’s so easy. 

Things we like

  • Budget-friendly item to purchase.
  • Durable construction ensuring long life.
  • 3 in 1 multifunctional feature with added versatility. 
  • User-friendly operation.

Things Need to be Improved

  • No rubber grip around the non-slip handle.
  • It requires a bit of hand muscle to operate the stapler frequently. 

Why Should You Buy this? 

A cheap item with all regular stapling features and sturdy, long durable construction makes this staple gun a good one to pick.

6. DEWALT DWHTTR350 Stapler

Another heavy-duty staple gun that can drive a wide range of different staples and also the 18-gauge steel made brad nails is DEWALT DWHTTR350 Staple Gun. Heavy-duty staples with varied lengths from 0.4-inch to 0.6-inch and steel brad nails ranging from 0.5 to 0.65 inch, are all suitable for this gun. 

Its main housing is made with die-cast aluminum to ensure lightweight along with longer durability. Steel made handles covered with over-molded rubberized hard-wearing grip also guarantees comfort. Easy squeezing technology helps the machine lessen the actuation force and adds comfort in usage. 

This machine comes with a bottom loading feature. Magazine of the gun is of steel construction, and thus provides smooth sliding for the staples being loaded. Reloading is so swift and effortless with this stapler. Magazine also provides an anti-jam mechanism to prevent any sort of misfiring. Thus, this device protects the user from any sort of unpleasant experience.

Things we like

  • Versatility to be used in a wide range of varieties. 
  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum design. 
  • Affordable price to purchase. 

Things Need to be Improved

  • Steeper lever’s angle.
  • Not a great item for users with small hands like women. 

Why Should You Buy this?

Pretty lightweight, but high-quality staple guns are usually very rare to find. These available features have made DEWALT a very good option among users. Moreover, versatility adds extra points in its favor as well. 

7. THINKWORK 3-in-1 Staple Gun

Another multifunctional staple gun providing 3 in 1 compatibility with D-shaped, T-shaped, and U-shaped staples is THINKWORK Stapler. This item is a great pick for whole different activities like indoor or outdoor repairing projects, fastening, decoration, fixing, and other DIY activities. 

The machine body is made with a balanced blend of metal and durable plastic coating. This construction makes the device sustain long-lasting wear and tear, and also confirms easy to use features. The handle of the machine presents an ergonomic rubber slot covering to minimize your hand pain while spending a lot of your time in framing. 

On top of this heavy-duty gun, there’s a power settling knob to adjust the driving pressure depending upon the thickness of the surface material. A quick view staple window will allow you whether you’re running out of them. The staple remover with quick staple removal and swift jam clear technique can save your time. Lock handles at the back of the gun body can help safe the kids while the gun isn’t in use. 

Things we like

  • Durable design to persist.
  • Easy staple inserting without any getting stuck issue.
  • Effective and swift staple removal. 

Things Need to be Improved

  • Not a female-friendly tool.
  • Not an ideal choice for the harder surface.

Why Should You Buy this? 

THINKWORK presents a sturdy machine that can make your picture framing task done. It’s worthwhile for your investment.

8. REXBETI Staple Gun with Remover

If you want a no-frill regular use staple gun that you can use frequently, then REXBETI Staple Gun should be your top choice. It’s well-built with thick carbon steel for ensuring durable service over the years. Soft rubber handle of the machine, along with lockable features, can guarantee extra convenience.  

This staple gun comes with 2600 staples of all types, including D-type, T-type, and U-type. Its compatibility of all sorts of staples makes the item a versatile one to meet your different needs. applications like fastening or securing carpets, plastic sheeting, and other fastening tasks can easily be operated with this gun. You can also use it for repairing, renovating, and other DIY activities.

The REXBETI gun comes with a solid stylish carrying case for a better transportability option. There’s also a staple remover coming with the package. The device has a strength pressure adjustment bolt to balance the machine force. Make sure it’s better tightened before handling it. Otherwise, loose bolt might pop out while stapling. Shock absorbing features and quick jam clearing mechanism will make your time with the machine a fun one.

Things we like

  • Sturdy body with shock-absorbing ability.
  • Very much affordable staple gun.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight construction.

Things Need to be Improved

  • Tends to get jammed frequently.
  • Can’t operate brad nails.

Why Should You Buy this? 

REXBETI offers additional items and cool features in a limited budget. A good tool for carpentry and crafts.

9. HAUSHOF Light Duty Staple Gun Kit

For your everyday stapling purpose in your office or around the home, you’ll need a light-duty staple gun. In such case, HAUSHOF should be your top choice in the list. It comes with ABS construction to provide a fantastic lightweight, but durable design. You will save yourself from a lot of hassles and time-wasting, kudos to its quick jam releasing technique. Its magazine release latch allows the machine to load and reload the magazine quickly. 

HAUSHOF light-duty gun comes with 800 8mm sized staples along with a staple remover, but this gun is well compatible with 6mm and 10mm nails as well. Its adaptability with all staple types makes it a perfect tool for a wide range of work varieties like window screening, closet lining, light upholstery, weather stripping, carpet padding, wire meshing, insulation, canvas, and other moderate strength materials. 

The ergonomic design of this item will help you work at ease. The linear power curve will add extra comfort, as well. Its hand lockable design makes the item a perfect one to store and prevent any accidental occurrence.

Things we like

  • Wide range of working options.
  • Easy to use features.
  • Quick loading and jam releasing mechanism.

Things That Need to be Improved

  • Coming with very few staples.
  • Not suitable for heavy operations at all.

Why Should You Buy this? 

It’s an ideal staple gun option for regular framing works and other DIY project purposes—a very cheap product and worth investing each penny. 

Buying guide for best staple gun for picture framing: Features to consider

Staple Size

Having the right staple size is the very first factor to consider while picking a staple gun for your picture framing purpose. In case of any harder surface, you’ll require thinner staple size, and vice versa for the softer ones. For example, 10 or 12mm staples are perfect for soft surfaces like pine, foam or Douglas Fir. Again, for hard surfaces like plywood or Oak, 6mm or 8mm staples will suit best. 

Electric or Pneumatic or Manual

The power source of your staple gun largely depends on the size of your projects. Depending on project nature, you may either choose electric or pneumatic one. Usually, smaller-sized projects or indoor tasks require less tool power, and a pneumatic staple gun is a perfect fit.

But larger projects require more power consistently, and the electric gun can make a very good impact there. You can also choose a manual staple machine. They don’t need any additional power sources like electric power or air power, that’s why it is the cheapest option among the three.

But there’s a little problem with them as they require your physical strength to make your work done. You really need to be a very strong one to handle this machine. It may cause huge fatigue to your hand muscles. Women, younger or older people, might be the ones facing the most trouble with such a machine.

Safety Features

A staple gun is a powerful tool. You need to emphasize careful handling of it. Otherwise, you might end up with an accident. Guns with safety features can prevent you from such unexpected occurrences. Make it sure that your staple gun comes with a trigger lock option. Keep it locked whenever you aren’t using it to keep everything safe. Pick a gun having a quick staple view window feature to avoid misfiring.

Nail Size Adjustments

Many staple guns are being in the market, which are compatible with one or two sizes of nails only. You may carry out some specific projects with such machine, but you won’t be able to use it for different purposes. If you can pick a tool with different nail sizes compatibility options, then you can widely use them in varied DIY projects. Purchase one with such versatility.

Nail Depth Adjustments

Precision in framing projects solely depends on the depth of nails being driven into the surface. If nails don’t get driven deep enough into the working surface, the frame may get loosen, and eventually, your favorite item might get broken. Inconsistent penetration can ruin your upholstery projects. It might even break wooden surfaces and other materials. Nail depth adjustment can prevent this from happening. Check it out first whether this mechanism is available in your product. There might be a rotating knob or bolt for depth adjustment. 

Anti-Jamming Mechanism

Jamming is so common in staple gun operation. But your machine has to withstand the ability of frequent jamming. It can do so by a robust anti-jamming mechanism. This feature will reduce fatigue and stress off users while using guns for a long time. It also prevents misfiring. 

Ease of Use

Consider your convenience of operating the machine before purchasing one. Lightweight staple guns are easier to control. Pneumatic staple guns might be a bit heavy, and you might face the problem of handling them at ease. Loading and reloading will be an easy one if there’s a quick staple release mechanism. Choose a gun that can be held and operated with both hands.

Ergonomic Design

Your comfort and convenience in framing operation depend manifold on the ergonomic design of the machine. You can keep stapling for hours without getting much tired with an ergonomic staple gun. A rubberized, non-slip handle is a must for your gun. 


Don’t pick a machine that will be broken down within a short period. Try to make a machine made with carbon steel as it offers better durability. Hard plastic is also a good construction material for your staple gun. They certainly can withstand wear and tear, and present longer service life.

How to Install a picture frame with a Staple Gun? 

Staple guns are a very easy tool to use. After completing the stapling task of the picture frame, you will need to install the frame on the wall. The installation of a picture frame has so many different ways to do. You can also complete this task using a staple gun as well. 

For this mission, you would need some items: braided rope, hot glue gun, staple gun, measuring tape, level. First, you need to pull off the arm of the frame so that it can be laid flush against the plain wall. Now make a rough estimation of the required rope for hanging the gun and cut the aloof part. 

Place a knot with the rope. Try to make it a few inches down so that whenever you get ready, you can easily hang the frame from there. Turn around your frame, and using the hot glue gun, attach the rope on the top corner of your frames so that it is held at its place. Do the same thing on both sides.

Now it’s time to attach the rope to your drywall, and here comes the staple gun. Drive the staple through the rope to make it secure itself on the wall and hold the entire framework being lined up with the rope. You can add more frames just below to each other if you would want to.

Hang Wire & Bumper Pads

Installation of hang wire provides the required strength to your picture frame. Again, self-adhesive bumper pads behind the frame make sure there’s no scratching on the wall by the frame itself. This step is necessary to protect both your frame and the wall. My recommendation for you would be to use strap line hangers attaching D-rings with it to get the best support. The entire installation process of hang wire and bumper pads contain 3 stages of work:

  • Installation of D-ring: One third from both edges of the frame would be the best place for the installation of D-ring. After measuring the spot, mark it. Now, if the frame is of any soft or medium wooden surface, then you can use a screwdriver or any scratch awl to make a pilot hole for the D-ring. In case of any hardwood surface, you might need a drill machine. After digging the hole, use a power screwdriver to insert the screw into the picture frame.
  • Wire threading: This is a very easy step. Put one end of it through the ring-opening, stretch the wire to the other end, then again put it through the second one. You need to clip off the additional wire length using a cutter. For keeping the wire taut, you may coil the wire several times around itself.
  • Insertion of the bumper pads: To reduce the impact between the frame and the wall, you can insert self-adhesive bumper pads on each corner of the frame. It keeps your wall secured from scratching. 

Final Word

No doubt, picture framing is a fun job. But, the wide range of different staple guns brands, models, types can make you confused and the work complicated than ever.

The basic requirement of finding a way out is to know your work requirement, analyze all considerable item features as per those requirements, make a thorough study of all possible items, check the reviews and then finally make up your mind.

All of these areas have already been covered here in this buying guide, and I hope you’ll be able to choose the perfect machine for your project. Wishing you a very successful and fun framing project. 

Common Questions (FAQ)

  • Is it possible to use staple gun on wall?

Answer: Yes, staple guns are capable of driving through the wall. Not only that, but you can also fasten your carpets to the floor using this gun. 

  • Can a staple gun go through wooden surface?

Answer: Of course, it can. Most picture frames are of the wooden surface. Almost all the staple guns are capable of driving through this surface. Manual guns might be a bit difficult to penetrate through hardwood, but you can easily do the task with electric and pneumatic machines.

  • Among corded and cordless, which type of staple gun should I pick?

Answer: Corded guns need the main source to be used, whereas cordless are wireless. They are usually battery powered. In the case of domestic projects where the mainline connection is available, then corded ones are a better option. But, if you require freedom of movement, then go with the cordless guns. Your choice should be up to the nature of work. 

  • What size staples are ideal for picture framing with a staple gun?

Answer: Staple sizes also depend on your work nature. Softwood needs thick staples, and hard surfaces require thinner ones.

  • How can I clean a picture frame?

Answer: Cleaning a wooden frame might be a bit tricky. Don’t use any cleaning agents that contain ammonia. Don’t use any abrasive or solvent. Use dry cloth or tissue instead to clean it up. 

  • Can I use a regular staple gun for upholstery?

Answer: You can use any wired or medium wired staple guns for upholstery projects.

  • Do other nails suit in a staple gun?

Answer: Yes, many staple guns also support 18-gauge brad nails or finish nails. 

Jerry Jhonson

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