Why Owning a Small and Lightweight Chainsaw is a Good Idea

There are some power tools that are often overlooked. They often tend to be ones that are surprisingly useful, but you simply don’t think about them. While you will undoubtedly have in your shed a lawnmower, probably a drill and sander, saws of various kinds and other smaller, more common items, have you got a chainsaw? Why would you want one? You may not have considered the benefits of such a tool, but in fact, they are very useful indeed. 

In the article that follows we will look at the various jobs that a chainsaw can be used for around the home, with particular emphasis on the smaller and lighter examples that are becoming very popular these days. Let’s start by explaining what a chainsaw is and how it differs from other types of saw.


What is a Chainsaw?


You have probably seen chainsaws in use, most likely by forestry workers and in other commercial situations where working with wood is necessary. These are generally large and powerful devices and are very versatile indeed. Used for chopping lengths of wood into smaller pieces, they consist of a housing that includes the motor, and a long metal blade around which there is a chain. The chain is driven by the motor and rotates, and in turn, drives the blade. The advantage of a chainsaw is that they can cut very quickly and are very powerful. 


Why would you need a chainsaw around the home? In the next part, we will talk about the possible jobs you can complete with a small chainsaw before we go on to give you advice about picking a small chainsaw that will be the right model for you.


What Can You Use a Chainsaw For?


The beauty of a small and lightweight chainsaw is that you get the versatility combined with ease of use. Unlike a full-size example, which will provide a very powerful kick and can be difficult to use if you are not experienced, the smaller models are designed for anyone to use and are fitted with safety devices to ensure you are protected. You should also remember to wear protective gloves, eyewear and clothing when using a chainsaw – or any such power tool – as it can be dangerous if not treated with respect. So, what can you use it for?


Cutting down broken branches


After a storm, you may have trees with branches that are damaged and hanging half loose. It is your responsibility to ensure that trees on your land don’t present a danger to others, and you also want to protect your own. With a small chainsaw, you can cut down branches such as this easily and quickly by yourself or can use the help from any professional tree cutting service.


Pruning larger trees and bushes


You may want to prune your trees and bigger shrubs, so they look neater, or perhaps they have overgrown and are blocking the light to your home. A chainsaw is an ideal tool for this job and will get it done quickly and without a problem.


Chopping firewood


Far more efficient than using an axe or a saw, you can cut down large blocks of wood into smaller ones fit for the fire. The ease with which a small chainsaw will get through a lot of wood means you can cut down on the time you need to put aside for such jobs.


DIY jobs


There are many times when you need something more than your regular saw for a DIY project. If it’s not a precision cut that you need, your chainsaw will be a great help in saving on time and effort in these instances.


There are other uses for a small chainsaw, but those are the most common jobs around the home that it will be used for. Let’s have a brief look at what you need to consider when choosing one for your requirements.


What to Look for in a Lightweight Chainsaw


Power Source


The first thing to consider when looking at the various makes and models of lightweight chainsaw is the power source. The recommended power source for a saw of this type is a rechargeable battery. This not only gives you the versatility of being unrestricted by a power cord, but it also means you don’t have to worry about fuelling your chain saw.




Next, look at the weight; some are considerably heavier than others. This needs to be looked at in conjunction with the power of the motor. Try picking a few different models up and looking at their relative power to how heavy they feel to you.




Also, you want to consider the available warranty with each one. But things can go wrong and the size of the blade Have a look at reviews online and visit some suppliers of power tools, and you’ll soon find the right lightweight chainsaw at the right price for you. 


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