Senco vs Paslode Framing Nailer: Check The Differences

The nail guns have revolutionized the home industry and DIY in a very positive way. Even just ten years ago, it was hard for DIY carpenters to fix anything at home. And, these nailers were very rare and costly.

With the availability of these guns, people are now able to repair their at home without any problem.

The framing nailers are one type of nail gun. Among all the types of nail guns, framing nailers are for doing the heavy lifting, joining planks and boards securely and swiftly.

While these are not the most precise tools, they do the work of roughing out remodeling or construction process fast and easy. You can build decks, construct a room and even make house framings with the help of this gun.

In most cases the framing nailers help in making the framing, building the fence, sheathing the wood, and other major carpentry works. This is the heaviest duty nailer you will find in the market. It can accommodate nails up to 3 and a half inches for joining 2 x 4s.

The nailer comes in two varieties, one is the round head, and the other is clipped head another less popular type is cap nailer. The clipped head nail is more suitable for projects that need high volume. This is because the clipped head nails can hold more nails. However, the round head ones can hold fewer nails.

Check the differences between angled and straight finish nailer.

Now, the time you know about the difference between the two most popular brands of nailers. When you are in the market, you might get confused between the Senco and Paslode framing nailers. We have come up with expert opinions to give you an insightful difference between these two types of framing nailers.

Senco Framing Nailer

Senco is a brand that is popular for making world-class framing nailers. From the very beginning of the company, it is manufacturing excellent framing nailers. They are the pioneers of cordless nailer technology with their products Senco Fusion F-15 angled nailer.

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They make framing nailers that are not just lightweight but also give an excellent performance. Senco makes the nailers in such a way that these do not require oil. These nailers eliminate the downtime caused by fastener jams with the quick release mechanism. Most of the carpenters and professionals love Senco framing nailers.

Paslode Framing Nailer

When it comes to punch-list work, Paslode framing nailers are the best. Paslode is also famous for making top quality framing nailers. The major benefit of the Paslode framing nailers is it hit the market way before any battery powered option. The price is more than Senco but, the quality is incomparable. Paslode has been the number one choice of professional carpenters around the world.

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Both Senco and Paslode are renowned for their quality. But still, there are a few differences between them. If you are a DIY carpenter, you must be wondering which one to buy. Here are the differences and a final verdict which will help you to choose the right one for your home projects.

Senco vs. Paslode Framing Nailer

1.    Pricing:

Pricing is the most important thing when you are buying framing nailers. If you want to buy a framing nailer within budget, then Senco is the one for you. However, the pricing of Paslode is more than Senco. So, fix your price first and then, decide which one to buy.

2.    Design:

Senco features a compact design. The Senco nailers are easy to maneuver and handle. This is perfect for the tight working condition. On the other hand, Paslode is one of the lightest nailers we have tested. This fires more powerfully than Senco. With outstanding recoil control, this is an excellent toe-nailer.

3.    Usability:

The Senco framing nailer excels in all types of works relevant to deck building, sub-flooring, truss building, sheathing as well as framing. This is designed in such a way that it can fit between the joists and studs easily. Paslode framing nailers will live up to your expectations. With all the benefits of Senco, it has additional features that you will enjoy. It includes aggressive teeth for toenailing, utility hook, standby battery, stainless steel magazine and lockout for nails to prevent blank drives.

Final Verdict:

Both Senco and Paslode are great, but most of the real users have voted in favor of Paslode. They think it is durable, well built and lightweight. Hence, even if the price is higher than Senco, the performance is excellent. If you cannot decide to choose one then, Paslode is the one for you.

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