Best Ridgid Nail Gun Reviews: 18 Gauge Brad and Cordless Palm Nailers

As a professional finish carpenter, I have used a lot of nail guns and many of them have also made their list in my toolbox. Many people love to use pneumatic air nailers, but personally, I don’t like the hassle of carrying the air compressor around with me and making a mess in my house or at my workplace as well. The idea of using a brad nailer always intrigues me because of its self-contained feature. There are no hassles like the typical pneumatic setups. For the last couple of months, I have been using Ridgid nailers and there are different models of them available in the market to suit your varied requirements. Ridgid always claims that their cordless nail guns have all the power of the pneumatic ones. Is there claim really true? So, from Ridgid nailer review, we try to find do they capable of meeting the pneumatic features? Let’s have a look and make it clear.

Ridgid Palm Nailer Review: R350PNE

If you need to work in a relatively compact place or tighter angles, nothing can be better than a palm nailer, which is easy to carry and more suitable for overhead working areas. If your working area is like that the inadequacy of space blocks the swivel of your hammer, then you can use there a palm nailer very comfortably. Ridgid has brought one of the finest of these palm nail machines available in the market, and that’s Ridgid R350PNE 3-1/2-Inch Palm Nailer. I love its smooth functions and all the fascinating features.

Ridgid R350PNE 3-1/2-Inch Palm Nailer
25 Reviews
Ridgid R350PNE 3-1/2-Inch Palm Nailer
  • Magnetic nail guide holds nails securely in place
  • Self-cleaning in-handle air filter keeps debris out of tool...
  • Ultra comfortable adjustable hand strap provides a snug...
  • Power to drive 3-1/2 in. nails into the hardest LVL lumbers


  • Model Number: R350PNE
  • Item Length: 4 inches
  • Product Height: 5 inches
  • Item Width: 3.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • Power Source: Air
  • Fastener Size Range: 4d to 16d
  • Minimum Fastener Length: 1½ inches
  • Maximum Fastener Length: 3½ inches
  • Fastener Type: Bulk nails
  • Loading Type: Individual
  • Optimal Operating Pressure: 50 to 120 PSI
  • No of Batteries Required: Nil
  • Included: 3½ inches nails, hex key, lubricating oil, hand strap, case, wrench, and user manual.


Smooth operation of any device mostly depends on its structure and durability. Ridgid R350PNE comes up with a compact body made of aluminum housing along with zinc top cap. Thus, it ensures an optimal weight and reduced vibration for minimal user fatigue. This device is made with a magnetic guide to direct the fastener accurately and ensures perfect fastener placement. Moreover, the tool is also enriched with tool-free depth of drive adjustment settings. These two features are the reasons you will get your most desired depth and stops the machine being driven unnecessarily. Thus, your work surface will remain protected while using Ridgid R350PNE. This air-driven machine is strongly capable of driving even3-1/2 inches nails through a solid wood surface. It is capable of driving nails at 2x speed with very less vibration. If comfort is your prime target, you are not going to be disappointed as R350PNE has adjustable strap both for reducing fatigue to both rind or left-handed users and micro-textured hex grip for secure grip along with added comfort. There is another great feature of this tool to ensure more comfortable orientation of air hose is the attachment of ¼ inches swivels quick connect. All these features have made Ridgid R350PNE a great palm nailer suiting for almost all types of operations.


Irrespective of different nail lengths, Ridgid R350PNE can drive them equal smoothly. You can drive nails ranging from 4d to 16d bulk nails and penetrate them very easily through wooden surface. This tool doesn’t even compromise with accuracy, safety and comfort while ensuring this top notch performance. You can choose the dual and easily switchable firing modes and both will perform efficiently with R350PNE.


  • Trimming and finishing.
  • Framing in tighter spaces like ceilings, corners and edges.
  • Joist hanging.

Ridgid Cordless Finish Nailer Review:16 Gauge HyperDrive 

Brad or palm nailer is basically used for lightweight actions, as they are smaller in size. You can easily cover tougher areas with them, but it’s very obvious that you won’t need to cover those areas all the time, will you? So, you might need a nailer machine with greater caliber and more holding power to bear more workload, and finish nailer it is! It can either be a Lithium-Ion battery Cordless finish nailer or a compressed gas cordless nailer. Among different models of cordless finish nailers being available in the market, Ridgid has a wide range of popularity for their one of the finest machines Ridgid HyperDrive 16 Gauge 18v Brushless 2-1/2 In. Straight Finish Nailer.


  • Product Dimension: 13 x 5 x 12 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Fastener Gauge: 16
  • Operating Voltage Level: 18V
  • Power source: Battery powered
  • Minimum Fastener Range: ¾ inches
  • Maximum Fastener Range: 2½ inches
  • Nails per recharge: Approximately 1450 nails
  • Included: Straight and cordless finish nailer, belt clip, 500 2-inches 16 gauge finish nails, tool carrying bag, user guide/manual.


Ridgid HyperDrive Straight Finish Nailer is very much similar to Ryobi airstrike nailing technology, but unlike airstrike HyperDrive technology provides PVC made housing along with magnesium front cover for placing of the powerful motor. These lightweight and durable features of hyperdrive technology have made this machine one of the greatest devices. Talking about a powerful motor being located in the machine, it is brushless in nature and there’s no risk of frictional losses to be occurred. It also increases the cycle rate, resulting in longer product life. Thus, the motor runs very smoothly and ensures better motor and battery efficiency. Due to the cordless feature, you won’t face any hassle of carrying any extra wire, air hos, gas cartridge, or holding the compressor for long period. You can choose between single sequential actuation and contact actuation within fraction of time just by pressing the selectable trigger. More to add to your ease of use, there are depth of drive adjustment settings and tool free power adjustment mechanism in this machine. You can protect your work surface from overdriving of machine and also regulate power for optimal driving results. In short, you can greater control over your framing task by dint of such attributes of this machine. Other additional features like dry lock out feature and tool free jam release are also available in this tool. For making the machine more user friendly and comfortable to use there are some common features like other nail machines of Ridgid like both sides’ movable detachable belt clip, 2 non mar pad, micro textured hex handle grip etc. Another cool feature of this tool is the addition of LED light which is easily switchable. You can light up the working area while operating with this machine. In case of replacing any weary parts after frequent uses, it won’t take many toils as the machine is easier to maintain.


The smaller gauge level of nailer, the thicker nails it does belong. Finish nailers with gauge level 16 are known as the ideal ones for versatile uses and wider ranges of activities. Ridgid HyperDrive Straight Finish Nailer is a 16 gauge gun with faster fashion of installation up to around 1900 linear feet while the number of nails used per charge of the battery is approximately 1450. That actually indicates an incredible performance.


  • Crown molding
  • Window or door casing
  • Baseboards/chair rolls installation
  • Other detailed works

Ridgid Pin Nailer Review: R138HPA

The smallest nail machines having greater gauge level are actually known as pin nailers or pinners. Whether you use nailers occasionally for only your home décor and other set up, or you are a professional carpenter to use them on a more regular basis; you simply know that you need a wider ranges of nailers for different operations. It’s not like you can meet up all your requirements with 16 or 18 gauge machines. Sometimes in case of delicate trimming, you will need for a 23 gauge level tool. Ridgid brings such an amazing option for you and that’s Ridgid 23 Gauge Pinner Nail Gun R138HPA. Ridgid R138HPA pinners offer both headless and slight-headed varieties.

Ridgid 23 Gauge Pinner Nail Gun R138HPA
8 Reviews
Ridgid 23 Gauge Pinner Nail Gun R138HPA
  • Compatible with glue-collated 23-gauge headless pins...
  • In-handle air filter helps keep debris out to promote a...


  • Model: R138HPA
  • Product dimensions: 9.25 x 2 x 7.48 inches
  • Item weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Power source: Air powered
  • Fastener size: 23 gauge
  • Fastener range: 5/8 inches to 1-3/8 inches
  • Magazine capacity: 130 to 200 nails
  • Batteries required: Nil
  • Included: Swivel air fitting, belt hook, nails, oil, safety glasses, and spare nose tip.


The very first thing you are going to look up before picking a nail gun is the power of its driving. Considering this fact, Ridgid R138HPA pinner is a strong one as it is capable of driving pins with the variation of sizes from 5/8 inches to 1-3/8 inches. Nails won’t drive flush while driving through dense wood. For ensuring better control of your operation and preventing the working area from overdriving or under ones, this machine comes up with a depth of drive adjustment. The trigger system is also of easily convertible dual action trigger system which will allow you to protect yourself from any sort of accidental occurrences. Ridgid R138HPA pinner also passes another very crucial factor of operation-comfort. The handle of this pinner is well rubber molded along with no mar pad for making increased comfort, secured grip and prevention of user fatigue. In short, Ridgid R138HPA pinners are one of the most user-friendly machines available for you in the market.


Ridgid R138HPA 23 gauge pinners are capable of leaving narrower holes which are almost capable of disappearing under the coating of paint. The holes won’t be visible anymore or leave any grain of wooden pieces that may look very shabby. There are no risks involving broken wood pieces as well. As this pinner doesn’t offer that much shear strength, it is best suited for operations like wood to wood connections.


  • Delicate trimming
  • Finishing tasks
  • Overhead framing or other operations

Ridgid 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Review: R213BNA

Ridgid has brought a new model of Ridgid R213BNA brad nailer which is surprisingly smaller in size considering its 5/8 to 2-1/8 inches ranged fasteners. Don’t make yourself fool with its small size as it’s quite capable of doing almost all the framing and nailing works that you are going to expect from it. This brad nailer machine is well made and full of innovative features.


  • Model Number: R213BNA
  • Product Length: 12 inches
  • Item Height: 9.6 inches
  • Product Width: 2.63 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Power source: Air powered
  • Minimum Fastener Size: ⅝ inches
  • Maximum Fastener Size: 2-⅛ inches
  • Fastener Type: Brad nails
  • Fastener gauge level: 18
  • Magazine capacity: 105 brads
  • Operating pressure level: 70 PSI to 120 PSI
  • Nail Gun angle: 0
  • Included: A pair of safety glass (eye protection), case, wrenches, user manual, and fastener guide.


While using Ridgid R213BNA the best features that I personally love are easy function abilities and comfortable uses. It comes up with a powerful motor which is housed in a Magnesium casing and free from the oil-free feature. It’s obvious that you don’t like cleaning up your nail machine every time you are going to use. Due to the position of its internal piston housed in a magnesium casing, there is no problem of splattering oil on the surrounding working surface.

Moreover, it also eliminates the problem of daily oiling. The clean drive technology of R213BNA ensures 17 times more consecutive driving than that of other guns. I have personally tested this machine multiple occasions, but have never got any problem regarding brad nail gun being jammed or whatsoever. Still, for ensuring the precautious safety, there is a tool-free door that can expose the nail channel and makes the jam released.

Though I never needed to use that, it surely makes R213BNA a great usable gun for frequent uses. A great feature of R213BNA is the presence of a freely rotatable swivel air inlet in its exhaust which can rotate approximately at 15 degrees angle in any direction to let the air enter vividly. You can aim the exhaust anywhere which is located at the end of the handle and also operate at 360 angles all around. You will surely love its tool-free switchable trigger which will allow you to choose quickly between both bump fire and contact actuation firing method. If you are a regular user then you already know the basic difference between these two firing modes.

If you need want to drive multiple nails at a row then you should go for bump fire. Your job will be done in a flash with a depressing trigger in bump firing. But if you are conscious about safety more than fastness, then contact actuation is your method. You need to lift off the tool after triggering once, and then put it in the second place to trigger again. That’s why it’s bit slower than bump firing but involves more safety. This feature makes R213BNA a more suitable option for frequent and versatile uses.

All you need to do is depressing the crossbar on the trigger, then rotate and reseat. You can also control the depth of driving brad to the surface by using a dial locating below the trigger of this tool. The magazine is used in R213BNA is side loading in type and has the capacity of holding a maximum of 105 brads. You don’t need to change the magazine while changing the nail of different lengths. The semi-transparent magazine along with dual reload indicator ensures that you aren’t running out of any nails.

Moreover, there is a dry fire lockout feature to add more safety of the machine by preventing any misfire and prolongs the longevity of it. Another major issue that I give maximum focus while picking a nail gun is the comfort of using it. Considering this comfort zone, R213BNA will place on top of my favorite chart. The no mar pad on top of the grip and innovative hex grip micro texture present shock absorbing and non-slip features with added comfort for its users.


There is a powerful and automatic piston inside the magnesium housing of the main body of this machine. This piston, being driven by a strong motor ensures that each shot of it starts from the top of cylinder and has a perfect stroke every time the trigger being pulled. Thus, the energy generated in this tool is powerful enough to drive through a different width of surface.

Driving nails will seem to be easier task to you than ever. Moreover, the lightweight and relative smaller size of the machine makes R213BNA more capable of handling larger jobs. All the sports innovative features of this brad nailer have made this one of the most desired tools in the market.


  • Framing on woodworks.
  • Lightweight trimming.
  • Nailing on surfaces.
  • Installing wooden furniture.

Final Verdict

So, you have already known a lot of everything regarding nailers and framing. Ridgid is a brand that surely can offer you the variety of nailers considering your working requirements. You can either choose according to the gauge levels that will mostly suit your tasks or in accordance with the power being driven by the nail guns. Normally 16 or 18 gauge nailers are the most commonly used by professional carpenters, but you can’t also ignore other ones like 23 drivers and whatsoever. Again there are variations of nailers considering outside task or indoor framing, smaller or bigger project, overhead or underhead purpose. If you are a newbie and don’t know which one to pick among the varied options, then I would suggest you go for a combo that contains either 18 gauged R213BNA and 16 gauged HyperDrive or a combo of 18 gauge and a 23 gauge R138HPA. There is combo kit being available in the market containing more than a single size gun. You can pick one of them, or buy different of them individually to make your nailing task done. Happy nailing time!

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