Electric vs Pneumatic Nail Gun: Comparative Analysis

According to the power source, nailer is divided into two categories. One is electric nailer which is also named as a cordless nailer and gets the power from battery or electricity and the other one is pneumatic nailer which uses the force of air compressor and also named as air nailer. And the two variety of powerhouse makes consumers puzzled when they are about to buy their first nailer.

The reason why they are confused because both nailers are doing the same task but they might have some differences in their features and functions of working and they both have pros and cons. And these are the main reason to get confused. Confusion can be the key to success but it is very time-consuming. To get the best result in a little time is to have a portray of comparison between two types of nailers.

Here is a full comparative study of an electric nailer and a pneumatic nail gun.

Electric vs Pneumatic Nailer : Comparison Based on 6 Factors

Easy to move or hard to hold

This is quite necessary to think about the flexibility before buying a nailer. If you have to work in a large area where you get a switchboard hardly to plug your compressor then you should go for a battery one, for example, Ryobi airstrike models. Because a battery or electric nailer is basically got the power of working from a battery which is rechargeable. The battery gets the power to work and flexibility to the users so that they can move anytime anywhere they want.

On the other hand, pneumatic nailer gets the power from an air-compressed source which is basically plugged into a switchboard so that the air compressor makes the high-powered air force to drive the nails into the surface. And for that reason, builders do not get the freedom of flexibility to move. They have to carry the whole nailer along with the air compressor where they are supposed to work. 

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Duration of the performance

Duration of the performance means how long the nailer will be able to work without being dead. As the battery nailer get the power of working form a battery and the battery have to be recharged time to time so it is quite possible that the duration of performance is much lower than air compressed nailer. Because when the battery is getting low, users will be interrupted to work. Usually, a battery nailer runtime is about half day long so that the builders have to take a break and recharge the battery.

On the other side, air nailer gets the highest time to do any task. You can work with it how long you want to work because it gets the power from the air compressor which is basically produced the right amount of pressure you want and you don’t have to recharge it so just plug it and rock the floor. 

Physical appearance

Nailers are actually built by thinking about the comfort of the users. But still, these two types of nailers have some difference in their appearance. Usually, a battery nailer is tiny and less bulky then pneumatic nailer because it has an extension of battery on the other hand pneumatic nailer is bulkier than a battery nailer. 


There is a quite good difference in the weight of these two nailers. As battery nailer has to put a battery into his body so that the weight of this nailer is much more than a pneumatic nailer. On the other part, air compressed nailer has no battery to put on so that it is much lighter than a battery nailer.  

The ability to work

The ability of working is basically measured by the number of nails have to shoot in one time. A battery nailer is powered by the battery so it is working smoothly and well but it takes time to shoot nailed one after another. But an air compressed nailer can shoot nails faster than battery one because it gets the right amount of pressure and force. 


Lastly, the cost difference between this nailer is a prime focus for any buyers. For pneumatic nailer, you have to buy an air compressor which will be cost individually. But you can use an air compressor in other tools so that the price won’t going to affect you that much.

On the other side, for battery nailer you have to buy a battery, some users buy an extra battery so that they can work without having any break. In case if one battery is down, they get the other one to use. But in battery nailer, you can’t use a battery for a long period so that after a few months you have to buy another battery which will be affected into your budget and pocket. 


Both types of nailer is good for working. But people have different choice and different comfort zone. If you have enough money to buy batteries and also want to work with flexibility, you can raise your hand for a battery nailer but you have to face the consequence of charging the battery.

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But if you want to work fast and without any delay, you can choose air compressed or pneumatic nailers like Grex, Ridgid or Senco but you have to face the problem of moving it around. These are the main and basic comparisons of an electric and pneumatic nail gun.

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